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Let me persuade you to settle in while I tell you stories about each of my five fiction books. My make-believe stories stir restlessly, even pushing against the fiction door, so eager are they to express themselves on pages in a book for you to enjoy, to smile with, to cry over, to cringe, and make your heart beat with passion. They are easy to read and (I’m told) impossible to forget.

My newest book, by the name, “Melinda Mahoney Powers,” boasts Melinda and her  brother Leroy’s, fictional biography. I should not say boast. Their biography is unforgettable, making this an unforgettable book you just have to read. Leroy Mahoney, terribly abused as a small child, relies on his sister, Melinda, to guide him through life. This remarkable adventure takes the two through life journeys that will (as I said earlier), make you angry, make you smile, make your heart beat with passion, and definitely bring a tear to your eye.

Louise Knight, a resident of the Montana Senior Manor, tells Melinda and Leroy’s incredible story. Follow the two on a fascinating path from a farmhouse to a mansion, from an orphanage to Hollywood glitter, to a senior retirement home in Montana.

Melinda began to worry my mind because I kept thinking she could not put aside, forgive, or forget what she had seen and lived, and, if so, it would eventually prove to be the total downfall of her life. There are lots of people like that. Leroy was always trapped by the horrors of what was done to him, but his retreat into gentleness was different than Melinda’s anger fueled response. I loved these two, Melinda and Leroy, and the people they met and lived with. You will also.

I have to confess their story was not the one I planned to write. I had been  contemplating (and researching) writing a serial killer story. I had recently read about a man declared innocent, after years of imprisonment for killings he did not commit. I wanted the public to hear his and others tragic stories about their lives  in prison, and how they felt about what their future lives would give them.

BUT, when I saw (in my mind’s eye) the little girl, Melinda, a passenger in a long-ago 1930s Studebaker, I had to follow her. She was so small. so sweet, so age beguiling. Little did I know what I was in for.

Incidentally, I turned 97 in October 2017, wrote this, my fifth novel, Melinda  Mahoney Powers, in my 96th year. It was published in November 2017.

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Following are several reviews I’m sure you want to read.

I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ALL WHO LOVE A MYSTERY  Melinda Mahoney Powers is a gritty, gripping, and at times, grotesque novel. The story encompasses several decades and fascinates with its window on history, but also becomes very relevant to today with its depiction of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. The author keeps you guessing with its story within a story up until the very end. I recommend this novel to all who love a mystery.

VERY GOOD READ  My brother lives at the Manor where the author lives and I enjoyed meeting her. The book was so interesting and fast paced and an easy quick read. I enjoyed it very much.

UNIQUELY TOLD TALE OF FAME AND ITS COST  Melinda Mahoney Powers is the engrossing story of the making and unravelling of a glamorous 1940s movie star in the mold of Sunset Boulevard’s Nora Desmond. Told through the incisive words of a sharp-brained senior home resident, who quickly sees beyond the surface of Melinda’s facade, Melinda Mahoney Powers delivers on many different levels. The igniting incidents in Melinda’s life and the following consequences, joys, and sorrows follow a fascinating path filled with recognized motion and truth. Author Kathryn Braund is a natural story teller.

Great Falls MT author Kathryn Braund resides in a local retirement home and spins a fictional biography of a Hollywood actress. Is it a coincidence that the invented biographer, Louise, lives in The Montana Senior Manor where actress Melinda Mahoney Powers becomes a new resident? There are many coincidental parallels between the author and the character Louise: both are 96 years old and write novels. Louise won my heart when she proclaimed that bear claws were her favorite pastry (or are they Kathryn’s favorite?) Louise Knight is the chair of the welcoming committee and also all of its members. She wheels forward in her walker to greet Melinda and her brother Leroy to their new home and is rebuffed by a string of profanity uttered by this once famous movie star. Not happy that her alias of Whoosh Smith was not embraced and all the residents were staring at her famous self, Melinda froze until she beheld Classy. Her heart softened when she gazed upon Louise’s puppy, offering to buy it. After explaining her dog was not for sale, but she could have two pets at the Manor, Melinda warmed up to Louise. Upon finding out Louise was a writer, Melinda reads a couple of novels written by her new friend and asks Louise to write her life story. This storyline becomes engaging as we follow Melinda and the story of her brother Leroy. The time period begins in the 1930s with a much darker tone describing her brother’s life. Suspense and intrigue peak our imagination as details surface. The 1930s was a turbulent time, as the Great Depression and drought brought poor economic conditions. Melinda and Leroy’s parents had died and the children had been separated, one going to an aunt and the other to an uncle. The saga builds as the author proceeds with the adventure disclosing Melinda’s story.

“That Melinda loved Leroy with all her heart and soul was obvious. I sensed she would die for her brother, if necessary. He would die for her, too. They were that close. Separated by the war in the 1940s as Melinda embarked on aUSO European tour, Leroy held his own at home going to school and learning a trade. Leroy’s traumatic childhood was becoming a faded memory. By the 1950s Melinda was starting her actress career with Leroy by her side. She definitely was at the right place and the right time to be discovered. The newspapers and magazines printed everything they could about Leroy’s horrific torture, Melinda’s compassionate care for her brother, and the newsworthy but awful life at an orphanage. We finish up back at the manor in 2010 with Melinda assuring Louise, “I won’t look for any more excitement in my life. I’m going to settle down and enjoy my time here.”

The end of the story is just as traumatic as its beginning, but the ride in-between is well worth the reading. Great Falls Library and Great Falls Tribune.

Melinda Mahoney Powers can be purchased at Kindle Amazon, $2.99 (digital);, $15.00 paperback; or from me, author Kathryn Braund, 1501 9th Street South, Great Falls, MT 59405, $15.00 (shipping free, one signed paperback copy).

If you enjoyed this little blurb about Melinda, do come visit again. I’m going to tell you about my 4th novel, Prisoners in Paradise.

P.S. I have lots of other things to tell you. Please revisit my blogs.

April 20, 2018

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