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I am back. This is my second blog. And it’s mostly about my fourth book, Prisoners in Paradise, and why I wrote it.

But first, look at the sky above. I thought you would enjoy viewing one of Montana’s beautiful sunsets. I see these from my apartment window every night unless grey clouds, like very full bedspreads, cover the sky’s shifting  iridescent evening colors. I live in a Senior Retirement Manor in Great Falls, Montana (I grew up in San Francisco, California) – and love living in our scrumptiously wild (in places) and ever interesting (in all the other places), peaceful state. Every evening, my Havanese dog, Jazzy, and I sit by the window to enjoy the bold color movements of nature’s spectacular evening sky display. Yes, my dog watches with me. I’m not certain what she sees; however, she stares at the sky for more than a minute, then turns ands looks at me happily. She watches TV quite a bit, so I presume she can see some sky color.

Enough! I must apologize. I think this is a different site than what you logged into and read last week. I had signed in at that site last year, but never used it because of health issues. The site waited for me to show up; when I did not, (I can’t blame them), they dropped me from the program. I did not care to repay, so here I am. I paid for a new site on a different program. Somehow, migrating (that is what this program calls moving) has not filled my cup of tea. I do not know where I am. I am thankful you don;’t know what a long drawn-out ENDLESS process this has been (and still is). You should be able to find me. Here are my two domains (each at a different site)

My fourth novel, Prisoners in Paradise, is a honey (as we used to say) of a book. It keeps you reading until it hits the back cover. It fills your reading heart with terror, love, and new friends. Some really nice characters (along with a few sleazes), a brutal cult leader, along with absolutely gorgeous scenery (even though tropical islands cater to billions of bugs), accompany you. Read what reviewers say. “It’s a book that grabs you by the throat and dares you to finish reading it.” “Loved it. Read it all in one day.” “It’s a terror struck, danger-filled romantic tale of a young socialite, lost in the Pacific Ocean after a cruise ship sinks, and who is caught in a cult’s web on a beautiful South Sea island.” “A great read.”

Why did I pick a South Sea island for my story? I’ve never been out on the big Pacific Ocean. I said ‘no’ to the USO back in World War II, because I saw a best friend (who told the USO ‘yes’), return from the Pacific sporting an almost incurable skin rash.

I wanted the setting of Prisoners to be a place where several horrific human traffickers could stash away kidnapped young boys and girls before selling them to despicable Eastern customers. I yell about the despicable billion-dollar sex traffic industry every chance I get. It’s worse now than its ever been in the known history of the world.

I spent about a year reading every book I could find about the Marquesas Islands. You’ll find their listings on my Reference pages in Prisoners. Only when I was well immersed in the islands’ beauty and fascinating history did I sit down and type color my story.

Mark Russell is my hero. Lia Paulson, my heroine, thought he should be called the ‘sexiest man alive,’ although she never voiced those words aloud (even in the book). Mark had been a pseudo father – a Big Brother to a Little Brother who succumbed to bone cancer. Going on a sea voyage seemed a necessary depression lifter. He was also a top-selling mystery writer and rejoiced in gypsy-like adventures between his writing chores. Lia’s reason for taking off alone on a very long sea voyage was a failed marriage and a family death. It was also a recovery drinking problem present to herself.

Of course they met, although they didn’t declare their passionate love for each other until they spent time in Hawaii with Mark’s best friend, the famous Todson Hope.

Lia’s first meeting with the legless Todson was disastrous. The touring of Hawaii with Mark and Todson quieted her reservations about Mark’s mentor. Then she and Mark set out on another leg of her water journey (Mark insisted on accompanying her).


But the ship they were on sank in a fierce storm. Lia lost Mark in the violent waters and ended up on an island, seemingly uninhabited. Ha!

The part she landed on had been taken over (along with some of its natives) by a gangster who was breeding both the willing and unwilling to gain white babies. He murdered all dark-skinned babies.

If you think I am going to tell you what happened to Lia and everybody else, I am keeping the rest of this fast-paced love story to myself. You have to read Prisoners in Paradise to find out.

When you do, you’ll laugh at a very funny post office scene. You’ll enjoy Eric, although be horrified at what our cult breeder did to him. You’ll see sweet little boys and girls at work – yes, slaves. And you’ll find a happy ending, although I refuse to tell you how it comes about. It’s a really good story. Although there aren’t many American readers (they don’t yet know about the book), Japanese readers tell friends, and the friends buy Prisoners in Paradise.


Another: “The author writes with finesse about a subject many of us want to turn away from – human trafficking. She wraps it up within a love story that is compelling in its honesty but horrifying in reality. Mrs. Braund is able to draw pictures in your mind with her descriptive prose as she draws you in. Once in, you are hooked and must read it to the end. Her stories stick with you and you’ll want to return to them for a reread. I highly recommend this author’s novels.”

Prisoners in Paradise surprised me by having a lot more teeth and by digging deeper into a very serious and difficult subject as sex-trafficking. Don’t let the author’s age put you off. Kathryn is a very skilled author whose eloquent penmanship has crafted a compelling novel that I didn’t want to end. It’s the first of her books I’ve read but will now work my way through the rest of Braund’s books.” Green Pastures

460 pages, published October 2013. Available from Amazon Kindle; and from the author. Amazon,com, $12.95; $2.99 (digital); Author,Kathryn Braund, 1501 9th Street South, Great Falls, Montana 59405, $12.95 (free packaging and mailing).








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