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Hello Again! I’m so glad you are back!

Murder in the Senior Manor was my third novel.  I had moved, willingly yet unexpectantly, into a Great Falls, Montana, Senior Manor on January 2, 2009. Naturally, the sudden necessary health decision to leave my wonderful five acre country home on December 28, 2008 put me in a state of shock.

I soon fell in love with my ‘new home. The residents; the staff; the healthy, positive atmosphere; the nice looking single and double room studio apartments – one wall in each facing either wide open, tree-line street-scapes or a vast uncultivated acreage that led the onlooker’s eyes to views of the distant beautifully forested mountains.

I put aside the loss of my wonderful home. I could not put aside the loss of six of my eight show dogs. I know you believe me when I say my heart was broken. I cried myself to sleep many a night. I was allowed to take two dogs into my one room apartment. In the beginning it was tough on all three of us; my dogs missed the rest of their family and the expanse they had to run and play on. I had not taken my beautiful home-bred Havanese show dog. I had not taken my beloved show active Portuguese Water Dogs or my sweet, happy-hearted Havanese. I took two who had problems, both Havanese. One had hips that said she shouldn’t enter any type of training. That she should be able to move about in her lifetime in her taste and her time; the other was too little and ill-equipped in lower body strength to jump on to anything higher than a big, fat pillow. Although her overall health was good, I worried that a new owner might not abide with that lack of jumping-up characteristic.

Along with other senior activities, I began teaching a writing class. Doing so told me I should put some of the seniors’ life adventures inside a book because every one of us (and that includes you) have had multi-colored happenings in our lives that makes memory treasures both good and bad. And nobody ever wants to be someone else.

I devoted five chapters in Murder in the Senior Manor to resident stories. Stories that gave meaty glimpses into the great depression of the 1930s, how settlers and wild animals learned to deal with one another, and the development of some towns along with the exit of others in this uncorrupted, pristine state of Montana.

I set the book scenes lightly. And the fun begins when Louise Knight, a retiree, discovers the body of a fellow resident, horrifically murdered. The Sheriff immediately labels her as a person of interest. The murderer goes one step further. He or she not only labels Louise as a person of interest, but also decides she and her two dogs would be good killing trophies.

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You are guaranteed fingernail biting time as you follow several residents help ninety-year old Louise track down the killer while in peril for their lives. This book is a bold and whimsical page turner.

The Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) awarded Murder in the Senior Manorthe Best Mystery Book of the Year (2011). Kathryn has won numerous writing awards from her peers. Among them, her first breed book on the Portuguese Water Dog was awarded Best Book of the Year (DWAA) in 1996.


“The characters are likable and fun; the plot is complex enough to hold your interest and there’s plenty of action – yes, action – along with some rich snippets of American history thrown in by the seniors.”

“Recommended Reading: Murder in the Senior Manor is a cleverly crafted, fun, romp of a read by Kathryn Braund.”

“The author weaves a murder mystery into this novel which gives a realistic glimpse into life at a retirement home. And should be read by anyone considering living in one.”

“If you are looking for some pure enjoyment for a day at the beach, or a light read on a flight somewhere, this is the book for you. You can’t help but enjoy the quest for Maddie’s killer by several residents along with Louise.”

204 pages, Times type. Available at,, and from the author. Kindle (digital), $1.99;, $9.99; Kathryn Braund, 1501 9th Street South, Great Falls, MT 59405 406-454-0537. $9.99.



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