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After reading my Shattered book, the FBI mailed me an FBI patch that I could place on a jacket. Instead, I placed it inside a frame with a copy of the cover of my second novel, Shattered InnocenceThe Adventures of Janice, Melissa & Andrew, and proudly hung it on a wall, Someone in the FBI liked my story  about the most awful scourge of mankind, slavery. In this book, human sex trafficking!

Sex slavery is the most depraved, evil, monstrous, unspeakable byproduct of human mentality. Sexual depravity is commonly called a mental disorder, a psychopathic disorder.  In my opinion, it’s been around before the beginning of recorded time. From what I’ve learned about life on our planet, the vanquished often became a slave of the victor doing his bidding in one way or another. Every human, every animal, every microscopic being has the ability to become a  predator.  We are all connected. What twist of fate has given us that hideous power, I don’t believe we know.

Today, sex trafficking is as common in a small town as in a big city. But most of us do not even know about sex-trafficking and/or why it is so invasive. We do not look for things that are disgusting. That’s why I wrote this book.

Shattered is about a family; a widowed father, son, and two daughters. They live in the county of Cascade, in Montana, on the father’s large ranch. The three children have been raised well, if somewhat isolated by the ranch’s distance from city life. The eldest girl, Janice, now twenty-one, meets in a restaurant  John Territori, a suave New York hoodlum who is checking on his Montana sex holdings. He invites this beautiful young girl to New York City. He says he will star her in one of his movies (he produces porn movies). Thank God, the ranch’s housekeeper accompanies Janice to New York. Thank God, Janice is saved from the infamous Territoni who would captivatingly introduce her to sexual slavery. She is discovered (before she meets with him) by the owner of a famous model agency.  The family’s housekeeper, Merry, is able to return to Montana knowing Janice will be protected while learning and working as a magazine cover model


Andrew, her brother, is studying at a college in Spokane, Washington. He becomes smitten with a pretty blond girl, not knowing she is a sex slave. She had been introduced to that life by the villain of our story, John Territoni. She is one of his paid workers. After several bold, awful incidents, he is rescued by his sister, Melissa, who drove to Spokane to find her missing brother.

Janice, in New York,  narrowly escapes dangerous situations, protected by both Ms. Patsy, owner of the famous modeling agency, and Bill Smith of the FBI. You’ll agree this is an exciting book, happily with a good ending, yet with terror traveling with you through the pages.

Just remember, the majority of sex workers (of both sexes) are “sex slaves.” forced to service men and women by threat, abuse, deception, false affection, clothes, drugs or abduction. The criminal organizations that head up these operations profit in the multi-billions each year off the girls and boys and women and men they treat as commodities, not human beings.

Many Americans have read about or listened to some of the horrifying stories told by a few escaped slaves, but as yet we, because of lack of human outcry, do not take these stories to heart. We do not believe anything like that could happen to a member of our family.

It can and does.


“Don’t be put off by the slow opening pages of this story. This book is based on a wealthy father and his three children. Each of the children’s personality is typical of children today. The book shows that it is not just the children like these three young adults, growing up in a sheltered environment, who are ill prepared to deal with a sinister population, rather that all children and young adults are vulnerable.

“The story involves the drug trade, human trafficking, high fashion modeling and life on the ranch. The fast paced story will keep you busy as each of the young adults emerges safely from their adventures. Even adult readers will wonder if they, themselves, would have used the writer’s hints to survive in these situations. These practical survival aids are written into the story in such a way that readers can remember but hopefully never have to apply.”

“This novel was an eye opener. I recommend it for all teenagers and parents. Loved the Montana setting and flow of the story. I did not realize the horror of things that happen or could happen to the youth in the U.S.”

“This novel flows beautifully through the Montana Big Sky country and beyond, with endearing characters and a good storyline that keeps the reader glued to the pages. At the same time, this valuable book tackles the issue of child trafficking in a realistic way – opening the readers eyes to a problem that stays fairly quiet in our society. A must read – kudos to the author.”

“This novel grabbed my attention from the first line and never let go; it’s because the characters are is interesting and the Montana setting so wonderful. Kathryn Braund is a very good writer. Many thanks to Kathryn for exposing the horrific business of trafficking children, teens and young adults into the world of cruel sexual ordeals. This holocaust is global and most children, teens and adults who are rescued may never recover from their experiences. These young people do not even know what a normal life is. My hat is off to you, Kathryn, for taking up the challenge of researching and writing this book. A must for parents, teens and young adults.”

384 pages. Available at, amazon and from the author. Kindle (digital) $1.99; $9.99; Kathryn Braund, 1501 9th Street South, Great Falls, MT 59405. 406-454-0537. $9.99 (postage, handling, free).




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