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Born 14 October 1920

You have to know something about me if you haven’t yet read any of my blogs. Here goes!

Kathryn’s first magazine story, You Can Own a Dog and Work, won 1972’s Best Story of the Year from the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA). She’s been writing award winning stories ever since, fifteen at last count. Born October 14, 1920 in San Francisco,California, she was an actress on radio, in vaudeville, and on stage for twenty years, traveling one-third of the world. Mother of two wonderful sons who look after her constantly, her second marriage was with a dream-come-true second husband, Buzz Braund. He had been Captain of a B-17 during World War II. Aided by her husband, she became a highly respected breeder and dog show exhibitor (Dalmatians, Portuguese and Havanese). She also became a well-recognized dog obedience trainer and instructor (40 years). Her own dogs became champions and obedience titled. Her PWDCA “Diver” was the breed’s top-producing sire for 11 years and her bitch “Seeley: was top-producing bitch of champions for more than 15 years. She authored seven highly popular dog books, including two dog training books. Editor/publisher of the PWDCA’s magazine for 12 years, which she built up from a 12 page offset into a 186 color page bi-monthly magazine, she also edited/published her own”Our Havanese” magazine for four years. She retired from breeding in 2008. Her first novel was published in 2001, and she is author of 4 more novels, finishing her fifth at age 97. She does not call herself retired, even though for ten years she has been living in a senior retirement home in Great Falls, Montana. She is presently occupied conducting research for her sixth novel.


Melinda Mahoney Powers; Published November 2017; ISBN: 9780972058575 and 9781981234394; Paperback; Pages 304; Price: $15,00


“I recommend this book to all who love a mystery. Melinda Mahoney Powers is a gritty, gripping, and, at times, grotesque novel. The story encompasses several decades and fascinates with its window on history, but also becomes very relevant to today with its depiction of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. The author keeps you guessing with its story within a story up until the very end. I recommend this novel to all who love a mystery. Billie Cotton

Prisoners in Paradise; Published September 2013; ISBN:9780972058568; Paperback; Pages 216 ; Price: $12.95

Not a Vacation!

Prisoners in Paradise invites you to visit a beautiful tropical island alive with intrigue, danger, and romance. Just imagine sailing away for a fantastic tropical getaway to explore the islands of your dreams. Suddenly your world spins out of control. You find yourself grasping at survival skills you didn’t know you had. You don’t want to miss what happens in this exciting story. Margaret Dominy

Published May 2011; ISBN: 9780972058551; Paperback;  Pages 204; Price $7.50

The fun begins when Louise Knight, a Senior Manor retiree, discovers the body of a fellow resident, horrifically murdered. The Sheriff immediately labels her as a person of interest.

The murderer goes one step further.  He or she not only labels Louise as a person of interest, but also decides she and her two dogs would be good killing trophies. You are guaranteed fingernail biting time as you follow ninety year old Louise in this bold and whimsical page turner when she becomes in the murder of sweet little old Maddie and tracks down the killer while in peril for her life!

Published October 2009; ISBN: 9780972058544; Paperback; Pages 384; Price $7.50

The Adventures of Janice, Melissa, and Andrew in Shattered Innocence will shatter your nerves on the struggles some young adults need to go through as they start out on their  own. The son and two daughters of Marv Alicorn, who owns the Windy Hills Double Bar M ranch in Montana, are innocently plunged into dangerous adventures, after meeting our villain, John Territoni, a smooth-talking, despicable gangster-murderer. Their stories carry you from Montana, to Washington, to California, and to New York City. 

Revised and Published October 2009; ISBN: 9780972058537; Paperback; Pages 270; Price $7.50

Rosa and the Prince is a racy and vibrant historical story of a passionate love affair between a celebrated Austrian prince, Prince Rudolph of Habsburg, and a Hungarian girl. It’s a totally engrossing page turner you won’t put down.



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The Joyous Havanese and Devoted to Dogs are sold by The two Dog Obedience Training Manuals can be found at the Second Editions Bookshop on Amazon Marketplace. The two PWD books are sold by Turner Publishing Company, Nashville, TN 372009 and/or PWDCA.






Devoted to Dogs

The Joyous Havanese

are sold by Amazon




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