The Horrific Ramping Sex Trafficking!

I’m going to tell you a little story. This happened many years ago. I had left my teens and was living in New York City with a great roommate, Jennie. We shared a large hotel room (a year long rental) in the middle of Manhattan. The hotel was only several blocks away from our swing-shift jobs at the Pennsylvania Railroad. In the daytime, we pestered the offices of theatrical agents for acting parts. We usually met mid-afternoon in front of a building close to a Nedicks (fast food) restaurant, eat, and go on to work together.

This particular afternoon as I hurriedly crossed Broadway to meet her, I saw she was standing in the building’s entrance listening to a girl standing (hunched) almost in back of her. When I reached them, the girl looked to be suffering from something disastrous. Her clothes were obviously unwashed and her face appeared clouded in terror. She must have come up from one of the subway’s dungeons, I thought. She was also trembling so hard that her voice cracked when she answered my roommate’s question, “Can we get a policeman for you?” “No, no,” she was replying, shaking her head with tears streaming. “That will make it worse.” “Make what worse?” I asked, not knowing what they were talking about, only that she needed something desperately.

“Just let me hide behind you,” she pleaded forlornly. “We are going into Nedick’s to eat,” I said soothingly. “Please join us.” Her face turned whiter and she shook, her voice absolutely broken. “Oh, God, they’re going to find me.” With that, she dashed away from us and ran down Broadway, skittering between people as quickly as she could. There was no sense going after her. “What in the world?” I asked Jennie. “I’ll tell you when we get our food.”

“She had run away from home,” Jennie told me.”And she met a man who said he and his family would take care of her. He didn’t have a family. He pushed her into a van that held four other girls. He tied her to a chair just like the other girls were tied. He then drove two hundred miles without stopping to someplace near New York City where three men were waiting. The three men unbound the girls, grabbed arms, and almost had to drag them into the building.” Jennie “

I knew Jennie was talking about human trafficking organized all over the world by criminals. Boys and girls are prime prisoners. I spent the next months at the New York City Library, learning all I could about human trafficking and vowed I would do something someday to try and prevent it.

My second novel, Shattered Innocence, The Adventures of Janice, Melissa and Andrew,” tells the story of three young adults setting out on their own, their father a Montana rancher. It tells about the adventures they have and the perils they encounter when they meet human trafficking head-on. I have copies available. So does I have two websites (each saying the same things). This one is or and the other is

I’ve been told this book should be read by senior teens so they can see, by example, what can happen to them if they are not careful.

There was an article in USA TODAY, under the February 24, 2019 headline, “Sex trafficking is rampant in U.S.” It cannot tell the story of the horrific treatment victims of this world-wide crime receive. My book for the months of June and July, 2019 is $2.99 plus $4.99 shipping. I follow Amazon’s pricing otherwise. Read it.

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